Hair growth effect does not come immediately

Hair locks have long been a staple in the NHL and the NHLPA has embraced the trend, saying that hair can be styled and combed with ease.

But a new video from NHL Network’s Hockey Wives shows what happens when hair is not just tied up in a ponytail but also tied to a rat’s tail, and the game has been affected by the trend.

The video was posted to Instagram on Wednesday.

It shows the NHL player and his hair partner tied to their own rat’s tails, and their teammates’ hair tied back in a bun with the player’s hair still tied to the tail.

The game’s social media teams quickly responded, calling the hair locks a “bad joke” and the hair a “fringe trend.”

“The hair looks like it’s tied in a knot and it’s not a good joke,” NHL Director of Player Relations Andrew MacDougall told NHL Network.

“The hair is in a weird, knot, and not a very good place.”

Hair has been a hot topic for the NHL since the 2013 lockout.

The league announced the end of the regular season on Monday, but players and their teams were allowed to continue playing until the NHL was back to its regular schedule by Feb. 6.

The NHL is still working to bring back a full schedule, but the players have been trying to get a head start.

“It’s been a tough process and it’ll be a tough one, but we’re getting there,” said former Philadelphia Flyers winger Patric Hornqvist.

“We’ve had some bad luck with the lockout.

We’re in a good place now.

We’ve got a schedule.

We’ll get there.

We have the equipment, the coaches, the players, the trainers, we’re just trying to make sure we get everything right.”

Players are still taking part in a two-week training camp to prepare for the new season, but many are still unsure of the schedule.

“The teams are in different states, different cities, so we have to work it out, but it’s going to be pretty fun,” Hornqvis said.

“We’re just hoping we can get our hair tied in by then.

It’s definitely something to watch.

You’re always excited about the new year, but now you can get it done.”

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