Hair growth effect does not come immediately

With every haircut you get more attention and more compliments. 

So what better way to show off your sexy hair than by styling it up with hair gel?

Hair gel is used to smooth out frizz on hair and add volume and shine to your hair.

If you have long hair, like me, you might have already tried it for a long time and you have noticed the benefits of it.

Hair gel does wonders for the hair, but what about the appearance of your hair?

If you’re a brunette, then you might already know that you look more like a brunet with your hair styled into a bun. 

But what if you have shorter hair or if you are naturally blonde?

Well, I think you’ll love hair gel if you like to add some extra texture to your look, even if you don’t have the perfect hairstyle. 

The key is that you apply a thin layer of gel over the hair.

This layer acts as a hair gel brush, making your hair appear thicker, less frizzy and more sleek. 

For a hair that is naturally blonde, hair gel will work wonders for creating a more voluminous and natural look. 

I also like to mix in some moisturizer for my curls. 

Once you apply your gel to your curls, you can add a bit of gloss to them to add more volume and sparkle. 

When I’m styling my hair, I apply a thick layer of hair gel over my head to create a thinning effect, which is a perfect way to add volume to your hairstyle without adding a lot of shine. 

My favourite way to style my hair with hair-gel is to start with the top part and work my way down. 

First, take your hair in two lengths, one to the side and the other to the front.

Start by doing a hair strand and then work your way down until you have a thick and long hair. 

Now take your second strand, wrap it around your head and then twist the top strand back and forth.

This creates a thick, curly hair that you can’t go back and re-do. 

Finally, wrap the second strand around your face and hold it in place by twisting. 

If you’re like me and have long and loose hair, you may want to make sure to twist the first and second strands back and forward to create more volume. 

Try to make it as long as possible with each twist and keep your hair loose, so you can wear it all day. 

This will make your curls look even more beautiful and your locks longer. 

With a hair stylist’s help, you should be able to add the most amazing hair you’ve ever had, without breaking the bank. 

What to know about hair gel When it comes to styling hair, hair-gels are definitely one of the most effective ways to add extra volume to the hair and keep it styled.

Hair-gel is also ideal for adding shine to hair and helps with the hair’s natural curl. 

How to apply hair gel How to use hair gel Hair gel works best if you want to add a thickening effect to your curl.

So what you want is to use your gel for one hair strand on your hair and then wrap it up to your head. 

Then, twist the hair back and then forward to make a thin, curly strand. 

And finally, wrap your second hair strand around the top and hold this in place with your fingers. 

To create a thick hair, wrap this first strand in the direction you want it to go, then twist it back and forwards to create another thick strand.

Make sure to work your hair down until it is a thick ponytail and hold the hair up by twisting it back. 

Do this until your hair is about 3 inches from your scalp. 

You want to get the hair to fall naturally and then to create the best volume possible. 

Next, add a layer of moisturizer to your face. 

Add your hair gel to a layer on your face, then use a hair brush to work it in the desired direction. 

Use your hair brush and start to twist it around and back to create even more volume with each hair twist. 

Make sure to add hair gel in the same direction as the hair you are working with. 

Finish up by gently flossing the gel over your face to add an even layer of shine to the ends of your curls.

If you prefer, you could use your favorite hair gel powder to add just the right amount of volume.

If not, a moisturizer will work just as well. 

As you can see, this is a pretty easy way to achieve a fuller and voluminously styled look.

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