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From October 1 to December 31, the UK will celebrate its 100th birthday with the annual Rose Festival in central London.

The festival celebrates Britishness by offering a variety of food and drinks, and it’s the perfect way to spend an autumn day.

Here are 10 things you need to know.

Where to celebrate?

There’s a whole lot to look forward to at the Rose Festival.

There are four main areas to visit at the festival: the Rose Garden, the Rose Parade, the Victoria Embankment and the Rose Gardens.

Each area is set up with its own special atmosphere, which is a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy a few hours of fun.

The Rose Garden will have live entertainment, food stalls, arts and crafts and a large range of entertainment.

Rose Parade The Rose Parade is the biggest event of the year, but the real highlight is at the event itself.

You’ll see some of the country’s most famous people dressed up in their finest and most colourful clothes.

There will also be live music, fireworks, a carnival ride, live entertainment and more.

Victoria Embakment Rose Garden Rose Parade It’s not just about the entertainment, though.

The Victoria Embackment is a massive event which will include everything from arts and culture to traditional dance.

There’ll also be a variety.

The Victorian Embankments main entertainment venue is the Victoria Garden, which has an enormous stage with a grand piano and an array of performers.

The event also offers a full day of activities, including horse rides, a kids playground and a kids dance.

The Queen Elizabeth Tower Rose Garden The Rose Gardens main entertainment is the Rose Dance, which will feature some of England’s finest dancers from all over the world.

The dance is an excellent way to start your day, and you can also watch the performance on a big screen at the top of the Garden.

The Garden is also the main stage for the Royal Opera House, which brings out a big crowd.

It is also home to the Rose Bowl, which hosts a huge food and drink festival every year.

The Royal Victoria Embarkment The Royal Embarkments main festival is the Royal Victoria.

This is a huge outdoor event that is always packed with people and lots of fun to watch.

There’s also a great view of London, with a view of the Victoria and the Thames.

It’s also the only time the Royal Pavilion is open for public viewing, so make sure you get there early.

Rose Gardens Main entertainment The Rose Festival will have a different vibe every year, so you can expect something different each year.

There won’t be a big stage at the main event, but you can still see plenty of the entertainment from across the gardens.

It will be packed with colourful people and entertainment including the Royal Family and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Rose Garden Royal Embakments Main entertainment For the most part, the main entertainment for the Rose Festivals is the Queen Elizabeth and the Roses main dance.

You can see lots of the music and the music industry at the Royal Embankement, which features the Royal Garden and a great food and entertainment menu.

There is also a huge area for the children’s play area, with activities ranging from children’s books to live music.

Rose Bowl Royal Embackments Main festival The Royal Bowl is the main venue for the Queen Victoria Festival.

It also hosts a number of live events including the annual Royal Opera, which runs until March 2019.

You won’t have to walk any further than the Royal Gardens and the Festival Grounds to see some great entertainment.

You also get the chance to watch the Royal and Victoria Embanks main events.

Royal Victoria Theatre Royal Embacades Main entertainment You’ll find plenty of entertainment at the Queen and Prince Charles’ main stage, which can be enjoyed on the large stage above the stage.

You get a fantastic view of central London, as well as plenty of live entertainment.

The entertainment will run until the end of April, so be sure to get there on time.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre Royal Festival The Queen Victoria Theatre will host a variety day of events, including a concert, fireworks and more, from September until March.

You need to arrive early to ensure you get to the Festival, as the main performance of the day is from the Royal Concert Hall.

The performance takes place on a large stage, and can be seen from the Festival grounds.

The Theatre is also one of the main venues for the new Royal Opera and the new Rose Bowl.

The Festival Grounds are the most popular location for the Festival.

You could also enjoy live entertainment from the Rose, Victoria and Queen Elizabeth Embanks, and the Victoria Gardens.

What you can do: Explore the gardens and watch the fireworks You can also visit the Queen’s Garden for a more leisurely stroll.

It isn’t the best viewing, but there is a large area for kids to run around in and it has lots of different activities for kids.

The Gardens and Rose Parade are also good places to watch live music and events.

There also are lots

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