Hair growth effect does not come immediately

Blue hair dye has become a staple in the UK for men who want to cut their hair short. 

A study found that blue hair dye had a significant impact on men’s self-esteem, self-confidence, attractiveness and self-image. 

This was the conclusion of a new study led by Dr Laura D’Esposito at the University of Cambridge. 

The researchers said blue hair was one of the most popular hair colour choices in the world, with women looking for it in a wide range of styles, including blonde, red, gold and navy. 

“The popularity of blue hair has increased significantly over the past decade and has been linked to a higher perceived social standing and a lower perceived value in men’s attractiveness, self esteem and attractiveness,” the researchers said. 

One of the main reasons why men look for blue hair is that it’s more versatile than other hair colours. 

It can be used as a hair colour for men, women and children. 

Another popular reason men seek blue hair involves their natural blue eyes. 

Research has shown that people with blue eyes are more likely to be seen as more attractive than those with other eyes.

“Men who do not have blue eyes may not think of themselves as attractive,” Dr D’Escopoulos said.

“It’s a different perception for women and for children.”

The researchers also found that people who had more blue hair tended to be more satisfied with their appearance. 

More recently, Dr D.

Escopos found that women who are more attractive tend to be happier, more satisfied and are more willing to date men with blue hair. 

Researchers are keen to see how blue hair affects women’s attractiveness in the future. 

They also want to see whether blue hair colours have any effects on the health of the population. 

Dr D’Escopos said the research could help inform the UK’s public health policy. 

She said the study was the first to investigate the impact of blue-haired people’s attitudes on the body image of other men. 

Some men in the study reported feeling dissatisfied with their physical appearance, while some women felt happy.

“Women who have more blue in their hair have more desirable body image, as well as higher self-worth,” she said.

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