Hair growth effect does not come immediately

Red hair is more prevalent than you think, says the BBC’s Holly Cole.

And its not just the UK where the trend is on the rise.

“People here in the UK are more aware of the issue and its being discussed,” she says.

“They may not be familiar with it or maybe they know someone who has it, and they are really keen to get it checked out and to get their children checked out too.”

You’re not alone In recent years, red hair has been linked to obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

It’s also been linked with schizophrenia and depression.

But a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry suggests that red hair may actually be protective against some of the most common mental illnesses.

Researchers asked people whether they had heard of the disorder called “red hair syndrome”.

They found that nearly two-thirds of participants were unsure if they had had red hair before.

“We know that redheads have more grey hairs than other hair colours,” says Professor Mark Evans, a psychiatrist at King’s College London.

“So redheads are at risk of developing a range of psychiatric disorders.”

And red hair does seem to have a protective effect, says Evans.

“It’s one of the reasons why you may see a redhead who has schizophrenia or bipolar disorder who may be a lot healthier and who also has more grey hair than somebody with a fair complexion.”

“People who have more red hair are more likely to have better functioning in general and in terms of their mood,” he says.

It may be that redness has a protective affect against some disorders, and that’s because it protects the cells of the skin that make up the hair from damage.

It can help protect the skin from UV damage and bacteria.

But red hair can also be associated with certain health problems.

In addition to red hair, there are other conditions that can cause redness, including melanoma, melanoma skin cancer and retinitis pigmentosa.

So if you’re worried about redness or you’re thinking about getting it checked, you may want to talk to your GP about red colour.

It doesn’t hurt to ask questions, says Professor Evans.

What are the symptoms of red hair?

People with red hair have dark, curly, wavy or streaky hair that often appears white, says Dr Emily Green, a consultant dermatologist from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The problem is, there is no simple answer for what red hair means to you. “

Red hair may be associated in part with a skin condition like rosacea, but also it can be associated more broadly with other conditions.”

The problem is, there is no simple answer for what red hair means to you.

“If you have the problem that you’re not able to get rid of the redness and the hair colour is a bit patchy and it can’t go back, you might be a bit confused about how to address it,” says Green.

But if you do have red hair and you’re concerned, the answer might be to have your hair checked.

And redness can be treated.

“The most common way that people can get rid is to use a topical cream that contains the vitamin A that is responsible for making your hair white and dark,” says Evans, who also recommends washing your hair daily with a bleach solution.

“A good moisturiser and a conditioner can help.”

It may also help if you have an underlying condition like psoriasis.

But some people will also need to consider the treatment options.

“Some people with redness may have underlying conditions that need to be treated and these will be addressed by an underlying dermatologist,” says Dr Green.

“Sometimes it’s easier to have more extensive treatment with a cosmetic treatment that can address the underlying condition.”

How can I get my hair red?

For some people, redness is an easy issue to deal with.

If you have a dark hair colour and a fair skin tone, it may be difficult to get your hair to change colour, says Green, but there are treatments that can help.

“Often the best option is to just get a hair transplant,” she explains.

But there are many other options that may also be helpful.

“You can apply a gel or cream to your scalp to make your hair look redder, so you can have it come back a different colour,” says Gregg Johnson, a cosmetic chemist from the University of Adelaide.

What’s the best way to manage redness? “

Then you can apply hair gel that has a very thick layer of keratin that will hold your hair back.”

What’s the best way to manage redness?

Evans suggests you might want to consider a routine that involves daily grooming.

“This might involve having your hair combed twice a day,” he explains.

Also, you can do a face mask to make sure your hair doesn’t curl

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