Hair growth effect does not come immediately

I have a friend who loves crocheting and has a great crocheted head scarf, but it is just not as versatile as the other headgear I have.

I really wanted to do a scarf that I could wear without feeling like I had to wear something special, but I have been looking at other headwear that are great for short skirts.

So I decided to make my own head scarf.

The head scarf is a crochet pattern, but not a crocheter’s.

The stitch patterns are designed so that they are easier to stitch, and can be done without a crochet hook.

I decided on this pattern as it is simple to crochet, and I think it looks great in a skirt.

This scarf is knit flat on the outside and twisted on the inside.

This creates a beautiful lace-up effect that is not only flattering, but is also very versatile for a casual look.

For the ends, I used a yarn I had laying around in my stash, but any yarn would work.

You can see a tutorial for this scarf in my other Crochet Crochet Pattern: Crochet Scarf Tutorial .

The stitch pattern also includes instructions for shaping the scarf into a headband and making the brim, which I have shown in my pattern.

It is also possible to make the scarf in any color you like, so long as you know the yarn.

There are two different sizes of the scarf: the small size, which is about 1.5 inches wide, and the large size, with a 3.75 inch circumference.

If you want a longer scarf, just use a smaller hook.

You will need: – yarn (I used Cascade White) – hook (I have a 5 mm crochet hook) This pattern includes all the stitches and pictures that you need to know.

The pattern is written in English, but the patterns are in German and French.

If the pattern is not clear enough for you, feel free to contact me.

This pattern was created in February 2018 and updated in May 2018.

I recommend you download the pattern as soon as you can, so you can see the progress and make corrections as I make changes to the pattern.

You are welcome to sell items in the shop that I have made this pattern, and you are also welcome to link to this pattern on your own site, if you want.

I hope you enjoy my crochet scarf pattern!

If you like this tutorial, check out my other patterns, which are also great for shorter skirts. 

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