Hair growth effect does not come immediately

Bleacher Sports 1 Bleacherreport NBA players have been doing a lot of hair extensions lately, but it’s been a long time coming. 

The first time we saw Shaquille O’Neal with curly hair was in 2008, when he took the court with a black afro that looked like his.

In the following years, he had to wear a wig to hide the white extensions.

Then in 2010, he got to wear the same wig and black extensions with the same hairstyle.

Last year, he gave fans the perfect excuse to get excited for the next time he’ll go for a straight haircut.

His hair will definitely be more defined with this new hairstyle, because he was also the first person to go straight to the barber shop and get straightened it.

A new hairstyles trend was born, but we were still waiting for the last one to come along.

The trend was sparked by the popularity of the “Hair-Tastic” trend on YouTube.

It’s basically a video showing players wearing hair extensions.

Some players have their hair tied into extensions.

Others have their own custom hairstyles that don’t require any extensions.

The popularity of these videos has made it hard for the NBA to get the players to do their own extensions, so they’ve started making them at home.

For instance, Kobe Bryant recently got his own hair-straightening machine and it’s not a hair-cut machine.

It’s a hair stylist who takes his hair straight and then has a laser cut to it.

The stylist has a long beard, so it can be a bit more noticeable on him, but not enough to make him look like Kobe Bryant.

As long as the players are able to use their hair stylists and get their extensions, there’s no problem.

Even Shaq did it with a hair straightener in 2011.

He went straight to his barber to get his hair cut.

Shaq had to have the extensions on and he went through them, but he didn’t have to worry about it being obvious.

But what if he does need his extensions?

Then we all know how difficult it is to get a hairstyle straightened at home, especially in the NBA.

It might not be that hard to get straight extensions for Kobe Bryant if he gets them at his barbershop.

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