Hair growth effect does not come immediately

Aang has a very interesting hairstyle, but is he really brown?

His blond hair is very interesting and is very colorful, but if you take away his eyes, it looks like he might be a little more green.

However, he is not.

Aang’s hair color is actually a mix of brown and black.

He has blonde and green hair that falls in between the two colors, and he is a brown-haired male character.

The hair is often used as an accent, as it’s seen on the side of his head when he is in the Avatar movie.

But what about his eyes?

Aang’s eyes are actually green.

He is able to see light and dark, and it can be a great tool to differentiate the light and darkness of the world around him.

When Aang is in front of a fire, his eyes glow red.

The eyes of the Avatar are green, and when they’re in the dark, their light is green.

So while it might not look like he’s actually a lot different from his brothers, his coloration is actually quite consistent.

The only other brown-skinned character to have brown hair is Sokka.

He also has green eyes, which makes sense because he is an orange-skinned Avatar.

But why does he have brown eyes?

They’re very common in the world of the Fire Nation.

When Sokka is captured, his captors put a firebender in a cage with orange skin, to show that his eyes were green.

In the show, his yellow eyes were replaced with red ones.

When he was captured, the orange skin in the cage was replaced with a green one.

The orange-skin was also replaced with green skin when he was released.

But when he arrived on the island, he had the green skin again.

When you take his eyes out of the equation, his green eyes look like they might have been orange.

However that’s just speculation.

So why does Aang have brownish hair?

In The Legend of Korra, the Fire Lord states that the firebender has the ability to see the dark side of the Force.

When a Fire Lord says this, it means that he is able see the true color of things.

When we see people in the real world, they typically have brown skin, which means that they are able to use the dark part of the color spectrum to see colors that the human eye cannot see.

This is because of a mutation of the eye.

The eye is very sensitive to light, and the skin is extremely sensitive to the light.

When the light enters the eye, it is absorbed by the cornea and the inner part of its pupil, and these light receptors are stimulated.

This stimulation causes the corneal cells to become redder, and this produces a green light that is absorbed and reflected by the retina.

This red light then travels through the optic nerve to the brain.

In humans, this is the green light used to perceive colors.

The red light is transmitted to the retina, which then sends it to the optic nerves that produce color vision.

The brain can only see red light, but the eye can see both green and blue light, which can cause the human brain to process the green and the blue light differently.

This means that the brain interprets the green, red, and blue as the same color, even though they are very different colors.

This process is known as color vision, and is what allows the human to see a rainbow of colors.

When people in real life have red hair, it’s because they’re actually not able to fully convert red to green.

They have a more basic understanding of the colors in the rainbow, which is why they don’t get the full red color, and what color the rainbow is.

So the more red you are, the more colors you see, and more complex colors can be seen.

In fact, if you have brown brown hair, then the colors of the rainbow you see are actually more complex than the rainbow in real-life.

It’s just like the color of your skin, except with brown.

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