Beware – Read This Before Getting An “accredited” Online Social Science Degree – Personally, if I read too many scary books or watch too many scary movies in a row, I’ll have nightmares and become paranoid every time I go shopping or walk down a dimly lit hallway for weeks. Despite my childish reaction to the horror genre, I can’t get enough of it. Halloween is my favorite day of the year and I love celebrating it in October. Between marathons

Truman Hood. This novel is called the father of the science fiction novel. Hood revolutionized the literary world with the concept of narrative fiction, and for good reason, as it was the only non-fiction book I was interested in while reading it. I’ll admit it took me longer to read than most modern fantasy books, but I’m looking forward to picking it up again.

Beware – Read This Before Getting An “accredited” Online Social Science Degree

This novel follows the brutal murder of a small-town Kansas family from the perspective of both the killers and the detectives. Being from Kansas City, this book is very funny. This novel is an interesting change of pace from other crime novels because you know who the killers are before the murder. To deviate from that, this novel is published in 1965 and shows elements of this event. Unfortunately, this means that there are moments in the novel where the characters display blatant racism. Read carefully and learn that these characters are deeply flawed; their words and opinions are equally judged.

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About two sisters, one a deceased black reality star and the other a living Columbia graduate. Although Desiree Pierce’s fatal overdose made national news, no one questioned the circumstances. The only person willing to read between the lines is his sister Lena, who he hasn’t spoken to in months. As she digs into her past, Lena walks the line between finding answers and getting to the bottom of it, only to be surrounded by dirt and regret. After reading this novel, you will be caught in a web of truth, lies, betrayal, trust, family and murder, and you won’t even know what reality is. I turned so hard. If you are a true criminal who believes you can solve the case, read this book. Even if you’re not, you’ll find something in this carnage.

Of course, the mention of horror literature immediately brings to mind Stephen King, the author behind many classic horror stories.

, where have you been? If you’re new to horror or your mom won’t let you watch scary movies, let me sum it up for you. Jack Torrance is a writer who struggles to find inspiration, motivation and income. To support his family, he takes a job managing a mountain hotel in his spare time. When the family moves into a hotel, Jack’s lack of inspiration grows and everyone seems to be suffering from insanity. Like many of King’s works, this novel has been adapted into a successful film, so you can watch it after reading it!

Some of you may find it too soon to read a horror novel with a pandemic. For book lovers close to home,

Read An Excerpt From Stephen King’s ‘fairy Tale’

Could be a great option for you. This novel is about a society that has to rebuild itself after the apocalypse of disease. King’s website describes the novel as “a clash between the forces of good and evil.”

Sometimes you just want to be afraid of every dark hallway. Sometimes you want to read a story with traditional horror characters portrayed differently. For this occasion, Ava Hesslau ’26 presents Stephenie Meyer’s ever-popular Twilight series. If you’re like me and can’t sleep well after the above tips, take a break from panicking for a vampire romance! This series is just motionless, but immortal vampires usually don’t like to sit and dance. From vegetarian vampires to monster battles to love triangles, this series will get you in the Halloween mood and keep you on the edge of your seat without tripping over your door locks.

Finally, if you reminisce about the days of artsy or educational book fairs, look no further than Thomas Atkinson’s 26 Tips by RL Stein.

. With over 60 books in the series, there’s sure to be a book that interests you. Atkinson warns that they can sometimes be “happy … like a bloody hand”.

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If you need to distract yourself from the never-ending prelim season in October, pick up one of these recommended reads to de-stress. Happy Halloween season, Cornellians!

Isabella Hackett is a freshman in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. He can be reached at [email protected] I’m sure you understand the importance of accessibility. The success of your content depends on it. But do you know how to write legibly?

If you’re looking for practical tips you can use today to improve your writing, you’ll love this infographic. Here are some simple tips you can use to write better.

From the research department. In a staff memo, he announced that he would not approve the publication of reports if they were more than 2.6 percent of the text. Romer said the new rule, among other measures, was intended to “drive home the focus” among writers.

Beware The ‘storification’ Of The Internet

What sounds like a funny story is actually quite repetitive. Like Mr. Romer, we must read texts every day that we may only vaguely understand. We develop methods that are far from perfect. Who reads the 92 pages of terms and conditions that come with the latest software update? Most of us give up and click the “I agree” button. This does not mean that it is not important to understand how the terminology has changed. We like to take them after a minute of refreshing reading.

It’s important to keep this in mind when writing copy, whether you’re publishing an essay, a legal database, or a guide on how to set up an umbrella. You want to trust your audience

The key to this is readability. Researchers have developed various systems to give you an idea of ​​how sophisticated a reader needs to be to understand your writing. There are many tools online that use these methods, but unfortunately most are very Anglocentric. The grammatical formulas on which they are based do not translate well into other languages ​​because they usually count the number of letters or syllables in a word.

Of course, we don’t always have to write for an audience with youth education. however, there is a fee for processing your work based on readability. Most of the time, your text will be punchier, clearer and shorter along the way. Six tips for better reading:

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Short sentences are the rule. ‘Caesar’s friend; see vici’ (“I came; I saw; I conquered”) is a whole story told in three words. Think of a sentence as a unit, each of which contains one idea. The fewer points in a sentence, the easier it will be for people to remember.

Divide your text into short paragraphs, each of which conveys one concept or element. Give these paragraphs strong headings. This will lead the reader through the text from top to bottom and provide logical transitions between paragraphs.

Oh, there’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work and fighting over a deal or comparing lengthy product descriptions, right? There’s a reason many young people turn to late night TV for their daily dose of news – many consider it a reliable source and far more entertaining than traditional newscasts. Keep that in mind when writing copy. Try to make it boring and predictable, something that compels the reader to keep reading.

Remember, the average person only reads 60% of an article online, so be quick. Moreover, internet users share 6 out of 10 articles online – so it is important to have a catchy title and introduction.

Things To Check For A Gaming Tv

But avoid jargon. This can be valuable in demonstrating your understanding of a complex topic or process. Improper use can have the opposite effect you are looking for. Keep it simple As Anne Hundley, author of “Everybody Writes,” says, “No one will complain as long as your understanding is simple.”

Getting good takes practice. Blog analysts have shown that the more often you post, the more subscribers you will have. But before you start blogging, make sure someone else has reviewed your work. Having someone else proofread your text is a great way to avoid mistakes

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