Don’t Make These Mistakes After A Collision – In this lesson we look at five of the most common mistakes that prevent our students from passing the 7+ band in Academic Task 1.

According to the crowdfunding group’s descriptions, it’s important to “get a clear idea of ​​major trends, differences, or phases” in point 7. If we choose the wrong overview, we can’t get item 7 to complete the task.

Don’t Make These Mistakes After A Collision

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If there are 8 countries in the picture, you must write about all 8 countries. Don’t miss any category. According to the public group descriptions, if you miss any of the “key features”, you get 5 points for performance.

Item 7 “uses a variety of complex structures,” the crowdfunding description says. Repeated use of the same grammar is unlikely to score above 5.

Attempting to explain the reasons for the data will lose you points (see the video above for examples). Instead, you should focus on comparisons between data.

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