Instead Of Moving, Consider Improving Your Home – According to real estate market research and the recent pandemic, homeowners are upgrading their homes instead of moving. Brexit also played a big part in this as many retailers in London and the south had to cut their prices. Nearly twice as many of us now believe that expanding our property is a better long-term financial decision than moving to a new home.

There are many ways a homeowner can improve their home, from building an extension to renovating their existing home, and many go as far as loft conversion to add maximum value to their property and of course, adding a large kitchen.

Instead Of Moving, Consider Improving Your Home

With the kitchen becoming the focal point of the home, open spaces have become a staple of modern homes. Kitchens are no longer just a functional place to prepare food, but a room where the whole family gathers to eat, drink, work and have fun.

Signs It’s Time To Move To A New Place

Investing in this room should add value to the property, you can use the available space and demolish the walls to create a functional room or a better layout for you and your family. To ensure that a kitchen renovation or extension adds value to your home, the design of the kitchen must match the value of the property, and that means the layout and furniture selection you choose.

In high-end properties, adding a bespoke kitchen and high-end appliances is a great investment. It would be enjoyed by the current owner, but if he were to sell it later, a quality kitchen would be attractive to potential buyers, still practical and unloved.

We wonder how much we should spend on a new kitchen, at recommended prices it should cost about ten percent of the total property value, but with buildings that have gone up exponentially in recent years, that is no longer the case.

Because the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home and it works so hard, invest in high-quality items such as cabinetry, flooring, appliances, lighting, and furniture.

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Mobility or movement is an issue that most of us have faced at some point. And while a move may not be in the cards, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a property unless it’s later re-evaluated to a higher home value that leads to a quick sale.

Terms often used to attract buyers such as “handcrafted,” “hand-painted,” “bespoke,” and “luxury,” all of which make this type of kitchen sought-after at the higher end of the real estate market.

There are many reasons why you might want to move or upgrade, change lifestyle, jobs, school, or a different place. Think long term and invest in high quality materials and classic designs, if you are selling your property then you and they know it is money well spent.

If you would like to learn more about our handcrafted kitchens, contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Starting with the initial design of your kitchen and furniture, we discuss your specific ideas and needs, taking into account the overall style and space offered by your accommodation, while ensuring that the design produced is functional and beautiful. We can combine the latest design inspiration with our comprehensive manufacturing expertise to deliver the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Then, our project management and installation teams will ensure that your kitchen has been commissioned by our skilled installation team with the highest levels of care and expertise.

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Improve Don’t Move!

Electronics that we can find for our customers and we do not intend to imply any connection, affiliation or business relationship in some way there has never been a better time to move home. Mortgage rates are still very low (but expected to be high) and there is a fair amount of real estate on the market. Of course, not all people have free will when they move. But for all of us, it’s about whether the time is right.

As a result of the recent financial crisis, real estate prices fell. No wonder a few years ago many of us decided not to leave but to stay and improve. In other words, it makes the most of our existing inventory. It is possible to build from the top, bottom or side depending on your property. It is entirely possible that you will reproduce – which means you won’t get your money back. Today it is still a good choice for some people who have been searching for a long time. Even if you don’t have the budget for more space, you can still improve the finish and quality of the furniture and fixtures.

For those who want to move and know there is another school of thought that says, make the most of your home before selling. It’s a great way to increase your home buying budget and make a larger home more affordable. It can help you sell faster. But it may mean redesign rather than expansion.

Keep agents away while growing. The exterior of your property should give the impression that the home is well taken care of. Ensure that windows and doors are in good condition and of the appropriate quality. Remember that property values ​​change. A bad floor or dirty windows can keep customers away. Consider whether your front door “sells” your home. If it is dated, consider giving the front of your property a facelift with one of our composite doors. They can really help your property make the right first impression. Remember, customers make up their minds in seconds.

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Indoors, a lick of neutral paint can work wonders. Don’t worry about changing your kitchen (people have personal tastes). Make sure both the bathroom and the kitchen sparkle. If you still have a colorful 1970s bathroom suite, it might be worth replacing as it will add style (and flair!) to your home. Then decluttering is the name of the game.

This method of upbringing works well, even for fast-moving salesmen. The owners who spend money on their homes when they leave will be the big winners. But remember, whether you’re moving on or not, use it wisely to make improvements that will attract others. It can improve your financial situation, improve your quality of life, and give you a new perspective. There are many reasons why moving may not be a good decision for you.

If you’re thinking about moving but aren’t sure if it’s the right time, here are 7 signs a move might be just what you need.

The biggest sign that it’s time to consider moving to a new place is when you’re bursting at the seams in your current place. Maybe your family has expanded (like a new baby), you work from home and need a better home office space, you wish you had an outdoor space, or you’re ready to grow into something bigger. These are all good reasons to look for a bigger home to expand into

Moving: What To Expect

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