Lawrence Taylor Charged With Sex Offender Registry Violation, Legal Professional Calls It A Combination-up

Corridor of repute linebacker lawrence taylor is a registered sex offender who is required by means of regulation to file any modifications to his present day cope with. On wednesday he entered a no longer guilty plea to a rate of failing to do so.

Taylor’s lawyer, mark eiglarsh, stated taylor sometimes stays at a inn near his domestic because of marital issues, and didn’t assume the time he spent on the lodge needed to be pronounced as his contemporary deal with.
“he registered,” eiglarsh said, thru the south florida solar-sentinel. “he simply placed an cope with down that he idea turned into correct. That’s the residence he’s been living in for years. But he spent a while 50 yards away at a inn that’s close to his house due to the marital troubles he’s having.”

Eiglarsh described taylor not having the motel deal with within the registry as a mixture-up, no longer an attempt to stay away from the law.

“he took their training and still believed that his address turned into the house that he lived in for years, and he turned into nonetheless living in the pool residence now and again,” eiglarsh stated. “so, he combined his time there. So, did he violate the regulation? I don’t think so.”

Taylor has been on the sex culprit registry considering the fact that a plea deal stemming from a 2011 incident wherein he admitted to sex with a 16-yr-old lady who he said he thought turned into 19. The rate of failing to sign up his address is a prison.

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