Lifetime’s Spring Movie Slate Features Saints And Sinners – Buckle up for the biggest year in original Christmas movies. It’s not even Halloween yet—which means more news to come—and we’re already on our way to a whopping 159 new, original movies on streaming, cable and streaming services. And that doesn’t even take into account the 100+ movies on VOD or DVD, or all the new promos, series, etc. Some of that is real. Most. Maybe too much Christmas – and that’s what I mean.

I’m fine with all the new ones that air, well, everywhere, here, but with the explosion of holiday content in recent years and some networks (cough, Hallmark, cough) offering 41 or more holiday debuts, more channels have started. marking their calendars not only with handy programming names such as ‘A Wonderful Life’, ‘A Life of Christmas’, or ’25 Days of Christmas’, but printable, pinnable and postable calendars that list all of their Christmases.

Lifetime’s Spring Movie Slate Features Saints And Sinners

Below are the most recent versions of these channel specials from the producer networks, and you can always find out what’s new in the Premieres schedule on the 2021 Holiday TV page.

Sports And Covid 19: The Impact On The Sports Event Industry

Netflix has announced its biggest holiday schedule yet, with 12 original movies, plus career series, animated specials for all ages, and plenty of international holiday flavor, all under its banner here for the holidays. Streae will have more holiday new content, with later searches and some already discussed in 2021, but here we think the temporary negotiations are significant.

The network’s annual The Wonderful Life event is their biggest ever Christmas movie, with 34 new awards and 35 movies in total (A Christmas with a Crown was released in 2020 on DVD), debuting on the channel in 2021.

In a twist, despite more movies, Life starts later, not debuting its first new title until November 12, and then offers 30 new movies in the 30 days from Thanksgiving to Christmas. No word yet on whether the channel plans to run a 24/7 Christmas movie this year, as it has done the past two seasons.

On September 22, Hallmark announced its biggest holiday movie lineup ever, with 41 original movies debuting on the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and the first ever holiday original, All the Time a Bell Rings, on Hallmark Movies Now. However, only 24 of those 41 titles have been officially confirmed, and even fewer make up the schedule. Only 12 Hallmark titles have official titles on the air to date, so Crown Media has yet to release an official schedule, although they do offer a movie app for Apple or Android.

Our Fall 21 Guest Faculty

We do know one big change for the networks this season… Hallmark Channel’s “Coming to Christmas” will return duets every Friday-Saturday-Sunday at 8:00 PM ET, plus every night during Thanksgiving week, for a total of 31 movies, while Hallmark Movies & Mysteries ” “Christmas Miracles” will introduce 9 new titles on Saturday night only debuts starting at 10:00 PM ET to avoid conflict. Both channels plan to film 24 hours of Christmas starting on the eighth day of November, still their first day.

Update: Hallmark has announced its full schedule, for both the channel and the Hallmark Movies Now streamer, on October 21st, one day before the 24/7 Christmas movies and finally putting together their typical print schedules.

HallmarkMovies and Mysteries is in fewer households than Hallmark’s main channel, and Hallmark has changed its programming thus moving 30 on the flagship channel and leaving 9 on its smaller sister station, although both channels will continue to air 24/7 Christmas movies on October 1st. 22nd

The ION wireless network has 4 original movies this season, all with a crime theme to better sync with regular programming. In addition, sister network REPENTE also has its own original holiday. ION will offer wall-to-wall programming on Christmas Sunday as well as a Christmas Eve marathon.

Every A24 Movie, Ranked

The stream has released an album of all the holidays, old and new, which will also be featured in a special Christmas section on the Disney+ app/protocol.

Once one of television’s most anticipated holiday programming events, Freeform’s “25 Days of Christmas” lacks original content for the second year in a row. The network also dropped its November “Start of Christmas” schedule. But make no mistake, even without the originals, Freeform does huge numbers for the holidays, with endless repeats often beating Hallmark originals in the ratings.

A new cable player on the block, GAC Family, formerly Great American Country, is getting some attention because it’s run by former Hallmark CEO and president Bill Abbott, but there’s certainly more to its channel than cozy Christmas movies.

Abbas was fired from Hallmark in early 2020 after the Zola debacle in 2019, where Abbas personally spoke out and then dropped the right-wing organization One Million Moms, which not only has far fewer than 1,000,000 members, but is also a hate group designated by him. . SPLC. In response to their warnings, Hallmark released a sign on the wedding website that showed a brief and chaste kiss between the newlyweds.

The Bell 2020 21 By St. Martin’s Episcopal School

In August of this year, Bill Abbott and his associates, Hicks Equity Group, bought the Great American Country and Ride Discovery as their “safe” and “family” channel “celebrating American heritage”, implicitly promising white and pure harbor fanatics. GAC also focuses all of its marketing on a more diverse, yet completely G-rated Hallmark channel that is somehow no longer “safe” or “family friendly.”

GAC needs to use these dog whistles because they’re really saying out loud that their new network will refuse to portray LGBTQ+ people and interracial couples, both of which are things that Hallmark avoids with Abbott at the helm, positions that are so abhorrent in 2011. (d) to flee from mainstream society.

But it is as bad as all of the above – and it is bad enough for someone who values ​​equality and human rights for all people, not just those who look, love, live and worship in the same way. worse after GAC The Hicks family are not only investors in the far-right disinformation network OAN, but are also once considered buyers of the similarly difficult Newsmax. Tommy Hicks was the president of America’s First Politics PAC, which is currently involved in an investigation into the illegal use of FEC campaign funds and helped fund the January 6 riots, among other far-right, very unsavory causes.

Bill Abbott, refusing to show another clip of two married couples kissing, seems to have no idea about working with people who are pushing the election with lies and denying COVID, helped fund the attempted sedition and who are on board. promotes political groups that are blatantly racist, homophobic and xenophobic. This goes far beyond the republic, in the deliberate propagation of error and sedition, both of which have resulted in people being killed.

Landmark University Report Details How Slavery ‘powerfully Shaped Harvard’

Human rights for all people is not a “political agenda”, but rather something that Christians claim to be big fans of. If you think you know how to make voting inclusive based on all races, genders, and orientations, well…That says more about your politics than mine.

So while I include the GAC films here and in the full spirit of the full schedule, this fails me in any way to promote or support this network, which is not just another innocent Christmas movie; So when I share information about GAC, I do so with this report.

UPDATE: All of GAC’s so-called “originals,” even on Peacock, IMDb TV, or Amazon Prime, premiere the same day on a new cable channel, often before GAC ever airs them. It does not support older versions of your web browser to keep user data safe. Please update to the latest version.

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