Millennial Successfully Relocates And Buys Second Home At Age 25 – Real estate experts have invested a great deal of time and money in trying to fully understand the perceived reluctance of millennials to buy a house.

Although the country seems to have experienced economic growth since the Great Recession, a large number of millennials choose to return home and live with their parents or rent property from friends. This is due, in large part, to the struggle to find opportunities or land a job that provides enough income to live independently.

Millennial Successfully Relocates And Buys Second Home At Age 25

A recent study revealed that 32% of millennials decided to stay at home in 2016, citing marked changes in cultural norms, values ​​and interests as the main factors above concern.

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In 2014, 60.6 million Americans, about 19% of the population, lived in multigenerational households, the highest number since the housing crisis. This number has greatly exceeded the mark of 57 million in 2012, rising steadily to 51.5 million in 2009. The pew Research Center also published a study that states that millennials are less mobile than the previous four generations of the same age.

As the economy slowly improves, it seems like finding a stable job and finding long-term living options is a priority. Conversely, only 6% of millennials who moved in the past year cited owning a home as the primary reason.

Hoping to help real estate companies adapt to the changing interests and demands of millennials, a startup has created a dynamic infrastructure that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to serve millennial customers more efficiently.

Founded in 2002, Investment Capital Network offers a variety of home loan products, including fixed and adjustable rates, jumbo mortgages, FHA, and VA loans. Serving homeowners and buyers across the United States, Network Capital has partnered with industry-leading companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, and Cisco to strengthen corporate technology systems.

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In addition to assembling a team of trained real estate and financial experts, the company relies heavily on real human insights from a large group of millennial employees, hoping not only to inspire and educate young people about buying a home, but also to expand the experience of the desired destination for the next generation.

I spoke with Capital Network CEO Tri Nguyen about the vision behind his company, encouraging millennials to own homes and how real estate companies are adapting to changing times.

Tri Nguyen: Traditionally, most consumers find getting a loan painful, confusing and expensive. I saw an opportunity to make the process easier, faster, and more efficient. We accomplish this by providing quality credit advice, automating the process and eliminating lender fees to make decisions less confusing and easier to compare.

In a mobile economy shaped by on-demand capabilities like Airbnb – How is your company changing the way millennials view home buying?

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Tri Nguyen: Being convenient, informative and educational, we cater to every lending need, especially millennials. Most millennials agree that they would rather buy a home than rent, but they often face different challenges than their predecessors. Despite rising jobs and wages, lack of credit, rising rents, and student debt are some of the main obstacles the younger generation faces when trying to save money. To combat this challenge, there are now many payment options, as well as payment assistance programs. Lending guidelines have also been revised, making credit more accessible to many people. In addition to technology and legal developments, our company strives to educate millennials by making the paperwork process as simple as possible.

How does your technology work and what insights or data do you gather that are useful to your partner?

Tri Nguyen: We designed our loan software to be intuitive and automated to complete many of the verifications, and receive many of the documents traditionally required to complete a loan file. As automation streamlines the process, this allows our team to be more productive and close the loan in as little as 15 days. From an industry perspective, technology is changing nearly every aspect of the home buying process. From finding and exploring properties online or in VR, to financing faster than ever, to actually upgrading their own properties — consumers can take control of their home purchase or refinance more than ever before.

How are homeowners and real estate companies rethinking the industry and what trends do you see emerging?

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Tri Nguyen: The process of buying a house will be efficient, reliable, and transparent. I think we will continue to see real estate companies become technologically advanced to respond to the increasing digital demands of consumers. In addition, we believe it is important to continue to hire qualified staff who understand the target population. We are millennials, so we pride ourselves on our young staff who can clearly explain content and provide honest, efficient, quality service to borrowers.

What steps are you taking to attract the millennial demographic and better equip them to become homebuyers in today’s climate?

Tri Nguyen: We provide awareness and assistance in building pride in home ownership. Many millennials do not know what is involved in buying a house, what the qualifications are, and how much money they need to do so. We have created a service department at Elite Realty that helps first time home buyers through the process every step of the way.

Tri Nguyen: Most of our clients find our professional services quick and easy. At the same time, we offer some of the most competitive prices available on the market. I founded the company in 2002, long before the financial crisis. We were able to handle the real estate crash, and I think that shows resilience. We also sponsor the KPR Radio Show, which gives us a competitive advantage.

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Tri Nguyen: We have a customer-centric culture. Building the right brand and image is important, so it’s hard to find the right people with the same beliefs. I must say that the team does a great job serving our customers. Nobody is perfect, but they are more than willing to help and educate customers.

How do you see your company developing in the next 3-5 years and how will your company shape the future of the industry?

Tri Nguyen: We will continue to find opportunities to make the process more efficient and streamlined; partly through automation and improvement, and partly through new services to make the process more accurate and safe. Our goal is to make the mortgage process as easy as possible so that everyone can enjoy home ownership.

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