Pets-come-first Trend Unleashes Happy Results For Homeowner – Finley is a 6-month-old golden retriever who lives in downtown Eastport. He likes to sit, stand, crawl, roll, roll, walk, spin, but hates lying down. Finley likes to wear ice cubes and socks, dig holes in the sand, and meet his neighbors Captain Hook, Hazel-Pearl, and Barney. What he’s guilty of is Salty Paw’s ice cream for dinner and O’Leary’s special tomahawk bone for dessert. Most of all, he loves meeting new people. He gets so excited that he pees on the floor every time. If you’re ever in downtown Findlay, stop by and say hi! Posted by Katie Laughlin

Mia is a 7-year-old child of the UMBG. He was my grandmother’s dog and I took her in when she died. He was a “wild child” when I first got him, but he has learned to behave and is still his shit. She lives with her SPCA rescue cat siblings and is a great companion when the pets are with us. He loves hiking, playing with his brothers, and of course, eating any kind of food. He loves to join in and sing along to Happy Birthday! Posted by Christina Spinetta

Pets-come-first Trend Unleashes Happy Results For Homeowner

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Historic Slogans And Claims Of Pet Brands

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(Entrants will be contacted by email with an envelope, if you did not receive an email, please contact [email protected]) Pet health is a hot topic for many pet parents and we are here to help retailers increase their sales by using health products to feed their pets. will find out how to increase. healthy and fit. happiness

Partners are an important part of our lives and deserve the best; Keeping them healthy and happy is a top priority.

As pet owners increasingly focus on preventative health care to improve the health of their furry friends, it’s no surprise that pet retailers are incorporating more health products into their stores.

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We’re talking about pet foods and supplements that boost immunity, care for the gut, strengthen joints, relieve anxiety, improve skin, and more.

Across Australia, dog owners spent $20.5 billion in 2020, while cat owners spent $10.2 billion. The largest category spent on pets was food, followed by pet health.

The increasing cost of healthcare products and services has certainly contributed to the humanization of pets. In addition, research has shown that pets live longer on average. As pets age and their metabolism slows with age, pet health care, especially supplements, are poised to add more dynamic value to the nutritional needs of senior animals in 2027, according to Euromonitor International’s global pet care market. credit report.

The Pet Store is not intended to replace professional veterinary advice, but is a channel to help consumers better understand their pets.

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The growing focus on pet owners’ health provides a huge opportunity for retailers to generate new business by carrying all the health products pet parents need. But the key to success is more than just stocking the shelves with a selection of health products.

“Staff education about animal health, veterinarians and manufacturers’ products is critical,” explains Janine Yates, marketing manager for Just for Pets, the nation’s largest group of independent retailers with more than 45 stores nationwide.

“Through Covid, our stores have seen up to 30 percent increase in sales. During the epidemic, people had nowhere to go and it was difficult to see a veterinarian, so they went to pet stores to find solutions for their pets’ problems.

“Behavior, anxiety, joints, skin, coat, and more can be treated in-store with food, supplements, and training. How stores educate their customers comes back to how they educate their employees. Employees Health Products , should be knowledgeable about the service and sell it correctly based on the individual needs of the animal.

Bring ’em Back Alive

Bree Durie, owner of Taree Pet Barn, a member of Just for Pets NSW, says there has been a significant increase in customers visiting the pet store to seek health advice from its knowledgeable staff.

“The pet store is not intended to replace professional veterinary advice, but rather a channel to help consumers better understand their pets,” Dury explained. “It’s true that many customers who walk into a pet store don’t know how to handle their pet problems. In some cases, people are unaware of the problem. We have found that by asking our clients the right questions, we can better understand the relationship between the client and their pet and uncover the real problem.

Pets Unleashed’s store manager Matthew Seychel (and Just for Pets member) has seen a huge increase in the number of pets facing separation anxiety since the start of the pandemic.

“Not only is separation anxiety on the rise, but it’s the most common health issue we see in our stores right now,” he said. “Often our clients are misdiagnosed with this problem, they treat anxiety as a behavioral problem, talk about corrective collars, and surrender their pets to shelters. Through a combination of products, staff training, food and supplements, we help many families overcome this anxiety. was able to help them start their journey.

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Currently, the Queensland store’s most popular health product is Blackmores’s Paw Complete Calm, a natural L-tryptophan and B vitamin based product that supports pets’ natural nervous system and helps pet owners start training programs.

“We just bought a new product called Nectar Calm and Relax, which is doing well in counter displays and samples,” Seichel said. “The display screen can help identify customers with pet health issues even if they can’t see the pet. Nectar Calm and Relax is marketed as a real pet food and is very similar to Paw Complete Calm, but can be added to water and for pets who don’t want to eat gum. helpful.

Seychelle shared a recent experience with a customer who walked into Pets Unleashed with an Animal Protection League rescue dog that was adopted six months ago.

“Staff noticed that dogs walking around the store were licking their lips on the lead. We offered a completely relaxed paw and loose lead walk. This combination helped customers adapt and develop their dog’s behavior, break habits, and balance anxiety,” she said. said.

Scared Of Pit Bulls? You’d Better Be

At Taree Pet Barn, Dury has noticed that the dynamic between people and pets has changed dramatically since Covid. Once more flexible at home to be with their pets, pet parents are now returning to the office for trips, school activities and more.

“These are things that a pet doesn’t understand or accept as ‘normal,’ that change their behavior. People have found that their dogs bark, urinate destructively, uncontrollably, and in some cases become aggressive toward certain people,” Dury said. .

Most people tell their dog to put a bark collar on their dog to deal with barking, and if the barking is coming from a place of stress or anxiety, using a collar as a corrective measure can do more harm than good. .

“When clients visit us, they try to ‘unravel’ the problem, such as what caused the behavior change, why the (unwanted) behavior suddenly started, and the best course of action to correct the problem,” he says.

Why Dogs Could Hold The Secret To Longer, Healthier Human Lives

“There are many supplements that can help reduce the stress our pets experience in these situations and are becoming a popular alternative to help with behavior modification. As time goes by, new supplements will be available to support the well-being and needs of our dogs. As a pet store, we want our customers to be the best. find products and help them on their journey with their pets.

At Just for Pets, Yates explained that retailers need to reach out to product manufacturers to educate employees about health products. Some manufacturers, such as PAWS Blackmores, have online training portals, while many other brands offer in-store training to ensure retailers are sufficiently educated to sell their products.

“Retailers need to choose manufacturers who prioritize health, and they can do this by asking about the science behind the product, such as case studies,” he says.

Seychelles shares great product information and training examples for pet store staff from Dog Nectar, including a one-hour webinar.

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